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Entity Removal, Spirit Releasement, Spiritual Clearing Dark Entities, Demon Possession 

This website is dedicated to teaching people how entity attachments affect our lives and how to remove them. This information is offered as an educational tool to aid people in their path on earth.


Dark Force and Spirit Attachment is the most unknown, controversial, misunderstood and disregarded form of energetic and spiritual illness. Dark forces and spirits are non-physical energy based beings, with a consciousness and intelligence, which enter into people through cuts and holes in the energy field (aura) around the body. As dark forces and spirits attach to a person they create personal problems, and heavily affect the emotions, thoughts, and energy levels of the people they attach to. 

Based on my research of 10 years from working with many people, working with dowsing, and the research and work of other healers, I have found that in our country (USA):
75% - 80% of the population have spirit entities or ghosts attached to them.
50% - 60% of the population have dark forces and/or demons attached to them.
80% - 90% of the population have some form of entity attached to their house/land.


The Dark Forces are a collection of non-human dark energy (negative and fear) based beings with an extremely high intelligence that are sent to our planet with an intent to cause harm to humans, to steal the power, light, and energy of humans, and to create as much pain, misery, and fear as they can. Dark forces use fear as their main tool to have power over humans. Dark forces prey on the fears, negative emotions, unhealthy habits, and dark thoughts/beliefs of the people they possess.

The types of dark force entities that exist:
Demons (non-human dark energy beings) Demons are the most common dark force entity.
Dark ET's and Reptilians (advanced alien dark forces).
Fallen Angels (dark angelic beings which are extremely rare).
Negative Spirit Entities (dark or negative spirits/souls that work with the dark forces).


Spirit Entities/Ghosts/Poltergeists are human souls who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the next world or the other side. Because they did not choose to cross over to the other side they became stuck on earth as either whole souls or parts of souls. These earthbound souls and soul fragments attach to the energy field (aura) of humans to maintain some type of control and power over humans, to live through humans and to live from the energy (life force) of humans. Spirits choose not to cross over to the other side for various reasons such as: confusion, fear of the unknown, unfinished business, revenge, fear based religious beliefs (fear of being sent to hell or judged), too much attachment to physical life on earth, or to watch over family and friends.


Dark forces and spirits enter cuts and holes in the energetic field (aura) around the body. The energy field is an outer layer of energy that emanates from every person. Cuts and holes (energetic openings) develop in the energy field from weak emotions and a loss of personal power. Cuts and holes that develop in the energy field can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary cuts and holes in the energy field are caused by fear, anger and all fear related emotions, using drugs and/or alcohol, and a loss of personal power. Personal power is lost from the use of drugs, alcohol, fear, anger, giving parts of your power away to others, and soul loss from traumatic experiences. Permanent cuts and holes in the energy field are caused by a loss of personal power on a deeper level involving soul loss/soul fragmentation.

Another way to pick up spirits and/or dark forces is through sex.  Sex is much more then a physical interaction, it is an energetic exchange, and opening into another person on an energetic and spiritual level. The act of sex creates a connection between your energy field (aura) and the energy field of the person you are having sex with. When this connection is made you will pick up or absorb whatever is attached within the other person's energy field. If you have sex with someone that has a spirit entity or demon, you will absorb that spirit or demonic entity into yourself. You will basically be making a choice to allow or invite anything within the person's energy field you are having sex with to come into you. It is important to understand what sex actually is and what it creates beyond physical pleasure, and to choose the correct people who you want to open yourself to on that level.


 All human beings have a soul, which is the life force (energy), personal power, and spiritual essence of a human. As a human goes through it's life on earth, it may lose parts of it's soul due to the traumas of physical life. Whenever a person has a traumatic experience, a part of the soul (energy and essence) splits off and separates from the physical body in order to avoid the pain and trauma of the experience. These separated parts of soul then go to a place of healing in a separate dimension called "non-ordinary reality". This is the way our mind and soul processes trauma as a way to protect our self from the pain of the traumatic experience. In shamanic healing (energy healing), and other forms of healing, these separated parts of the soul are called "soul parts/fragments" and when soul parts become separated that is called soul loss or soul fragmentation. Soul loss can also happen through giving parts of your power away to other people, or letting another person steal, or take parts of your power.

As soon as a person has a part of their soul separated from them it creates a permanent hole or opening within the energy field. These permanent holes in the energy field are the main reason most people pick up spiritual attachments. Most humans on earth (90% - 99%) will have some type of soul loss in their life unless they can manage to live their entire lives without any form of emotional, mental, or physical trauma. Soul loss is a permanent form of energetic illness which will not heal itself unless you take some form of action to heal it. It is the combination of fear, drugs, alcohol, traumatic experiences and soul loss which will cause a person to become extremely vulnerable to the attachment of dark forces and spirits. No matter how intelligent, advanced, spiritual, or conscious you may believe yourself to be, you are still susceptible to picking up demons, spirits, and dark forces through the emotions of fear and anger, drug and/or alcohol use, sex, and soul loss. 

Soul Retrieval is an ancient energy and soul healing method which restores lost personal power, soul parts, and closes any permanent holes or openings within the energy field. It is the most important form of healing on earth next to entity removal. In tribal cultures, soul loss was seen as the main cause of spiritual illness and soul retrieval was usually done within a few days of soul loss. In our modern culture, we are mostly ignorant of how the soul functions in regards to trauma and most people spend their entire lives missing large fragments of their energy, power, and soul.

Soul retrieval does not remove dark force or spirit attachments, it only creates an energetic barrier around the energy field, which seals and protects the energy field from spirits and dark forces getting into it. If an entity is attached to a person and it is not removed, the soul retrieval will only fill the energy field around that entity. If a person has all their necessary soul parts and is in "full soul" that does not mean that person is immune to picking up new entities. It only means that there is less of a chance of a new entity jumping into a person as their energy field is full and whole, but new "doors" and openings can be created which allow new entities to attach. 

Soul retrieval work is always done with spirit releasement/entity clearing/exorcism. You can have a soul retrieval without an entity clearing, but if you are missing soul fragments you cannot have an entity clearing without a soul retrieval.

The most common causes of soul loss are: 
Prolonged pain, Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child or adult, Domination by other people, Allowing your soul to be stolen or taken by other people or some dark entities, Being neglected or unloved as a young child, Negative or power trip relationships, Substance abuse and other addictions, Not being true to oneself; disowning or disallowing parts of oneself, Being mistreated or abused in life or social situations, Giving your power to another person, Harboring resentment or unresolved pain, Death of a child, parent, or close friend, Loss of a husband, wife, or close lover, Severely physical traumatic accidents or experiences such as: getting shot or stabbed, being in a car accident, or any other type of severe physical trauma, Sudden onset of a debilitating disease, Some surgeries and operations, Co-dependent relationships - where one has unconsciously given a part of one's soul to another - as in a parent/child or intimate relationship, Exposure to shocking or extremely stressful physical, or psychological conditions or events - for example, witnessing a murder, serving in a war, undergoing chemical or radiation therapy, and being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.).  


 The main way that demons and spirits work is by absorbing large amounts of energy (life force) from the people they have attached to, and by intensifying, manipulating, and creating dark and fear based emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. They also influence and intensify unhealthy choices, habits, beliefs, and lifestyles.

The majority of the dark forces, demons and spirits that people pick up they get from other people. They jump off of people who have multiple entities attached to them and they jump into new people who are "clear", but who have created an opening or doorway to them. As dark forces/demons and spirits attach to a new person, the process of energetic illness begins which manifests into emotional, mental, energetic and sometimes physical problems.

 People that have dark forces and/or spirits attached to them may have been misdiagnosed with psychiatric problems or other emotionally or mentally related problems. But also people who have very stable and/or successful lives have demon and spirit attachments. Even people who are considered "spiritually advanced" such as healers, psychics, light workers, spiritual teachers/gurus, yoga/meditation masters, priests/preachers, etc., have all been known to have spiritual attachments. It is not uncommon for the average person to have some form of spiritual attachment. Most people with spiritual attachments do not know they have them and are also completely oblivious to their existence. Spiritual attachment is often denied and ignored by the very people who suffer from it the most. People who choose to live out their entire lives with entity attachments have no real control or ownership over their own body, mind, and spirit, and they are the ownership of any entities attached to them. 

Common symptoms of spirit entity and demon/dark force attachment:
deep emotional pain, depression, low energy levels (constantly tired or exhausted), intensified levels of fear/anger/ hate/or rage, self destructive patterns or lifestyles or choices, causing harm to self or others, suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, obsessive-compulsive disorders, drug and/or alcohol addictions, unhealthy addictions, hearing voices in the mind, strange or weird thoughts that don't seem your own, being directed by an inner voice telling you to do dark/negative or harmful things to yourself or others, severe or intensified mental illness in some people, mental or emotional instability, poor concentration, mood swings, multiple personalities, insomnia, panic attacks/anxiety, negative emotional outbursts, homicidal thoughts and/or attempts, sexual problems, phobias/paranoia, delusions, confusion, nightmares or any dark/negative or terrifying dreams or day dreams, sleep paralysis, constant negative or fear based thoughts and/or emotions, dark impulses, feeling driven to do things you know are wrong or unhealthy, waking up tired after a full night's rest, criminal habits, violent behaviors, sexual abuse-even among those in relationships, constant mental noise (intensified unclear thinking), unexplained physical pain or problems without any known cause, negative beliefs, religious fanaticism, feeling strange sensations in the body such as: pricking sensations or electric shocks/painful shocks,cold chills around the body or the feeling of something crawling under your skin, feeling an invisible force/being physically hold you down or push you, feeling a thickness in the head area, feeling some type of invisible energy move around your body, an inability to connect with your higher soul/spirit/self, people who like to abuse others either mentally or emotionally or physically, people who are constantly in a need to have power over others, constantly lying or scheming or trying to manipulate others for self power, people who are constantly looking for trouble or problems with other people, people who like to hurt animals or pets, people who steal other people's energy (psychic/energy vampires), feelings of powerlessness or helplessness, feelings of giving everything up, feeling your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself, loss of your purpose/path in life, loss of your power/soul/light and energy, rape, murder, torture, war, and more.


Entity attachments will stay with you until death unless they are removed.
Entities do not care about anyone on this planet and are only interested in themselves and what they can take from another person.
Entities want you to fear them, for if you did not fear them they would have no power.
Entities can destroy certain humans or help them destroy themselves, and will not feel sympathetic for them in any way.
Most people who have entities do not know they have them.
Most people with entities will live their entire lives with them.
Many people who have had entities removed from themselves will usually pick up new ones later in life.
Many young children, pets, and old people have entity attachments.
More then half of the world's population suffer from entity possession and do not know it.
Your spiritual beliefs and/or religious practice will not protect you from entities.
Religious crosses, holy water, "special" sounds, crystals, amulets, sage, reiki, spells, and chants have no affect whatsoever on entities.
Just because you do not "believe" in spirits or dark entities does not mean you cannot pick them up. That is similar to saying that if you do not believe in cancer you will not get it.
Just because you do not "feel" any entities around you does not mean they are not there, it only means you have gotten used to the feeling of them, or you are so shut off psychically you cannot feel them.
Entities do not want you to get rid of them, therefore they will try to keep people in fear of attempting to remove them or finding someone to remove them.
• Your spiritual and energetic health is the most important thing in life, as it affects and influences all areas of life. You can have all the money and prestige in the world, but if you are a sick person spiritually all of that is worthless.



ExorcismSpirit Removal

This audio program will teach you:

• How to easily remove every type of dark force/demon and spirit in existence with step by step instructions.
• How to clear and remove dark forces and spirits from people at a distance. (remote clearing)
• How to check yourself and other people for spirit and/or dark force entity attachments.
• How to verify the removal of dark forces and spirits.
• How to clear your home, car, large spaces of land, and pets of attached entities.
• How to remove and clear negative thought programs (subconscious negative programming), implants/energetic cords with entities and people, and dark portals (energy portals) from your body and home/space.
• How to not pick up entities and what lifestyle changes you need to make in order for that to happen.
• How human souls (spirits) become trapped on earth and why they need energy from people.
• How to realign/un-reverse the body's natural electrical system (polarity) and higher the energetic frequency/vibration of the body using a secret method pioneered by a master herbalist.
• How to higher your energy levels and have a stronger energy field and more personal power within yourself.
• How to remove curses (spiritual intrusions), spells (black magic), and energetic cords and psychic cords with people.
• How to protect your energy from being absorbed and stolen by other people (energy/psychic vampires).
• How to develop your intuition.
• How to work with archangels, ascended masters, and angelic help for healing.
• How to help your soul grow and more.

This removal method was developed and discovered by master healer and teacher John Livingston. 
John Livingston is a hypnotherapist, master exorcist, and shamanic healer who has worked with removing dark forces and spirits for more than 30 years. John Livingston was given this method through his work with the spirit realm. Peter Michael was given permission to teach John Livingston's work to others in order to help people understand how dark forces and spirits affect our health.

This removal method is non-religious based. It is based on advanced level angel healing techniques. It is regarded as one of the most advanced level and easiest to use methods of removing dark forces and/or spirits.  It is used by many highly trained healers. It requires very little time, energy or effort. It is extremely simple and easy to do that anyone who wishes to do it can do it. All that is required is your own higher self and the ability to use your own power without any fear. All spirit attachments and dark forces removed with this method are directed to the proper place where they are needed to go. They are never able to return or come back to this world. 

This audio program is 1 hour long, and contains various talks about dark force and spirit attachment, the removal method, and other useful information.  It also includes a removal guide (small booklet) to assist you with the removal process.

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Spiritual Clearing Phone Training $200
Phone training is a one on one training with me over the phone. 
 Phone training is a more in-depth form of training in which I will check you for any dark forces or spirits, and I will verify and check your removal attempts. I will work with you until you fully understand how to remove dark forces and spirits correctly. Phone training usually lasts 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on how well you apply this information. Also included in this training is a copy of the digital audio program.

Note: This is a training/class/workshop, not a healing session. I will not be removing any entities in this training, you will be removing your own entities.

You must email me to setup an appointment after payment. 

Spiritual Clearing In-Person Training $250
In-person training is a one on one training with me in Los Angeles. 
It is a specialized type of training which includes a more in-depth and 
personalized training of spirit and dark force removal.
You must email me prior to payment to set up an appointment.

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