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Hi Peter Michael,
Thank you Peter Michael for such a  profound learning experience. Very little information is actually shared on how to do this crucial work, so I was so excited to have found you. There are no coincidences. Your consultation was very direct and clear and you gave me the information in a manner that progressed my understanding of a difficult topic with ease. I appreciated the practice that we did together so that you could help me find my strength and to be protected enough to do this work. It was unlike any other course I have ever participated in. The information that you provided me, along with the practical experience were invaluable. You are right that this work is not for everyone. But for me it is truly part of my life path, and I am truly grateful for the lessons you shared with me so that I might walk that path with strength, courage and light. Any individual that feels this is their life's work would profoundly benefit from what you have to share. 

Hello Peter,
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you, first for your supportive emails, they really helped me as I went through this process. Your audio download along with the workbook is so incredibly powerful. The first day I did the clearing, I closed the portal,  and cleared 12 entities. The following day, I cleared the last entity that was following me everywhere. It was a beautiful process that surprisingly brought me so much growth and empowerment.
I was also shown that the loving power of the universe is so expansive, embracing and incredibly supportive. It has strengthened my bond with my guides and introduced me to new ones.
I feel this house is cleared. The portal is closed. I myself, did a soul retrieval along with my guides in reparation of my energetic field.
Thank you for being a part of my process.
Warmly and with deep gratitude,

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and suggestions.  My son was so calm and happy this holiday weekend, it was like he was a different person. My son thinks he just had a bad day and life is good again so hard to make it seem like something he needs help with.  I appreciate you for clearing him and arranging the time with Anastasia.  Her report was very detailed and eye opening for me.  You both do amazing work!!!!!  Your information is so helpful.  The more information, a, non-believer (like me, once) has, the better.  Keep sharing your gift, you are doing wonderful work and it is helping in raising the energy levels of the world.  I cannot thank you enough. 

Thanks so much for your work on my behalf and for the techniques you taught me! You have created a much needed change in my life and I am forever grateful. I really appreciate your straight-forward approach. Your in-depth knowledge, compassion, dedication and patience made it possible to for me to become empowered in a world I could not have imagined a few months ago!
G.C., Boston, MA 

Dear Peter,
I wanted to thank you for giving me the necessary tools needed to protect myself from the dark forces and their constant attacks. I had worked with John in the past and was fine for years following his assistance. I never thought I would need help again, but I started picking up attachments recently. Having been under attack previously I know what the signs and symptoms are. I understand how harmful they can be if not removed so I knew I needed to learn how to remove them myself. I ordered your MP3 digital program and found it very educational and helpful. In my case I had shapeshifter demons and some spirit entities that needed to be removed. I tried to remove them myself but found I needed backup. I really appreciate you talking with me and helping me step by step until I had removed the attachments myself. You really are empowering people and I’m confident I will have the upper hand from now on should they attach again. Thank you for answering all my questions and always responding to me quickly.
Antony D.

Hi Peter,
I ordered your information after I read your posting on Shaman Portal.  It was pretty lucid, and my intention was to use it on my dad, who was seething over his issues and had verbally attacked one day.  I thought it would help him.  However, following my own training on spiritual matters, I knew that I couldn't use the info on him without his permission.  We weren't on speaking terms.  So I decided to use the info to change myself.

I had to wait for the right time in which to speak the words.  They were flourished in your demo and I wasn't sure if I could do it that way.  I had a pain in my heart area.  The pendulum wasn't working for me that evening because I was still not in the right state, but I decided to chance that something had attached itself there based on my intuition.  So when the moment was right, I placed some clearing reiki signs there, felt some improvement.  I was sitting with my laptop propped on my lap and then decided to follow your demo.  As I called in the Archangels, the Warriors of Light, I was really surprised at the intensity of my voice as I read aloud the removal method. 

I felt lightness in my heart area.  It made a difference in the non-communicative relationship I had with my father in terms of how I was feeling toward him.

Thanks for putting the info together and making it accessible and so easy.  I felt glad and confident that I could use it.  I am tempted to do an entire clearing for my entire city (Inglewood) but thanks for putting in the caution.


Thank you for making this power information available, after the performing the removal instructions there was a great lifting from me physically and emotionally.  I have been able to see and communicate with spirits from both worlds and demons have plagued me constantly.   There is very little ethical information that is available to people to help them.  
Again thank you, 

I think this work you are doing is some of the most important type of healing that there is. You have made me realize many things about myself that I was never shown by any other healers. Your teaching and work is what a lot of people are not willing to deal with and the fact that you do it is says you have no fear. I think some people look at this type of healing and immediately get scared and I think it is because it reflects a part of their own fears they have not healed or are not ready to heal.  I also think that your articles on this subject are some of the best, if not the best I have ever read. They are very informative and really shed light on many false beliefs. With your kind permission, I plan to use your articles as a teaching source with some of my students. With the utmost respect I say thank you.

Hi Peter,
I greatly appreciate your knowledge and awareness with regards to spirituality. I have been focusing a lot lately on ways to optimize my life and get myself on a path towards ideal happiness. After completing your program i feel very optimistic and releaved to know their is a practical solution for my issues that can have a profoundly positive impact on my life. Your work is a blessing to humanity and i commend you for your efforts!
Keep up the great work,

I want to thank you Peter from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot express how your impact on me has changed my life. If it were not for people like you that choose to bring light to the dark I think people like me would be completely lost. You guidance and work has made a profound impact and change on my life and the lives around me.
With light,

Hi Peter,
Your audio program and information has really improved my life. I am really glad I found you. I was initially a little skeptical, but after working with you, you helped me understand how all of this stuff works. I followed your advice and got a soul retrieval from another healer. She brought back 3 parts and when I went home I started crying. It was like a part of myself was missing all these years. I have also been practicing the techniques and I have even felt and seen some dark forces leave my house after I did them.
Mark J

Hello Peter,
I have to greatly thank you for the work you do. I do not know where I would be if I had never learned this information. It is not everyday that people like you are teaching this kind of work. I had been dealing with some other healers before, but none of them ever had a clear solution to why I was picking up entities. Before I met you, I was doing pretty bad. It was by the grace of god that I found you. I must say that you are truly a gift to humanity. I wish you great success with this work and hope you continue doing it.
Lisa P  

Dear Peter,
I cannot thank you enough for this method. It has been working for me with myself and my family members. It took me a few times to get it right but once I understood how it works it was all just a breeze. I took off a spirit from my friend and the next day she said she had so much energy and felt so differently. It's crazy how these beings can affect us in such deep and personal ways. I will keep doing it and I will contact you again in case I need help or something else happens. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for your information and teaching Peter. I really appreciate it.
You helped me understand why I keep picking up these negative energies and that I have to change my lifestyle and stop giving power to fear. 


Dear Peter,
I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the information you gave me. I felt so much more energy come back to me and less anger and fear.
Thank you so much.


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