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Peter Michael is an angel healer, clairsentient, clairaudient, empath, exorcist, and teacher/trainer of spirit and demon removal. He has been involved in the energy healing field for more then 10 years and has worked with many variations of healers and teachers. He was first trained in entity clearing work in 2003 by master exorcist John Livingston. Peter has been said to be part of "The Great White Brotherhood" and the Ashtar Command,  according to certain gifted channels and healers.

Peter was first introduced to spirit entity attachment at the age of 2 years old, when he picked up his first spirit attachment as a result of soul loss and trauma at a very young age. The spirit entity he first picked up was one that came from his own family members. As the years went on, Peter experienced more forms of trauma as most humans do, and picked up other forms of attachments through his early life. It was not until he was opened to the realm of healing of entity attachments did his life change for the better.

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