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Spirit Depossession

1. Afterlife/The Other Side
The life that exists beyond the physical dimension after death of the human body.

2. Attachment

An attachment is a non-physical being that is made of energy and a consciousness which can attach itself to the energy field (aura) of a human being, pet, or the space (apartment or house) of a human being.

3. Aura

The aura is an invisible layer of energy that emanates from every human being. 
4. Clearing
Clearing is the removal of an external, non-physical being that is either spirit/soul based (spirits/ghosts) or dark energy based (demons, dark forces).

5. Creator

The creator is an eternal multidimensional being that exists within all aspects of creation and the universe. The creator has an understanding of why darkness exists and allows it to exist in order to help people evolve into better beings. The whole reasoning behind the attachment of demons and spirits from the creators perspective is to teach people why they are there and help them live in tune with a higher way of life so they do not make the choices that cause spirits and dark forces to attach to them. He (or she or it) allows darkness to exist in order to teach humans how to develop the opposite form of energy on earth.

6. Curse

A curse is an intention (thought) combined with energy that is directed at a specific person to create some type of negative impact on that person's life.

7. Dark Energy

Dark energy is energy based out of fear, darkness, and a lower vibrational level connected to domination, control and power over others. 

8. Dark Forces

The dark forces are a collection of dark beings that are sent to our planet to cause harm to humans and steal the power and energy of humans.

9. Dark Portals

Dark portals are energetic openings within a space that allow the entry of dark forces into this world. They can be created by some type of trauma, abuse, severe violence, or other dark activities within a space or area. 

10. Demons

Demons are a part of the dark forces, they are somewhat like workers or agents of the dark forces that are tasked to humans to steal their light, power and soul.

11. Depossession

Depossession also known as clearing, exorcism, and spirit release is a method used to remove non-physical beings that attach to people.

12. Energy Field

The energy field is also called the aura, which is the surrounding energy around all human beings.
13. Exorcism
Exorcism is an age old term used to define the process of removing non-physical beings. Exorcism in modern times is very rare as most religious exorcism methods do not work.

14. Ghost

A ghost is a soul part or a whole soul that was once human but for one reason or another chose to stay on earth and continue it's life by attaching to other humans or places where they feel comfortable (houses they lived in).

15. Implants

An implant is an energetic cord and connection between an entity or some other type of being.

16. Negative Thought Program 

A negative thought program is an idea in the subconscious mind that is either fear based or negative based and possibly has power in the conscious mind to create some type of negative experiences in life.

17. Personal Power

Personal power is the inner power and energy of humans. It can be lost, stolen or given away.

18. Poltergeist

A poltergeist is a spirit attachment or entity that may be upset or confused and because of that causes physical disturbances in a house by causing things to move.

19. Reptilians/Dark ET's

Reptilians are part of the dark forces and are an alien section of the dark forces called dark ET's. They are mostly renegades and outcasts from their planets and they came to earth to use humans as an energy source and dominate the planet from their realm/dimension. Dark ET's have been found to be leaders of many demons and are in league with the leaders of the dark forces.

20. Shamanism

A group of methods used to heal energetic and spiritual illness, that was discovered by our ancestors and held in secret from modern society for many years.

21. Soul Fragment/Soul Parts

A part of the human soul that has decided to separate itself from the human body in order to heal from the pain of a traumatic experience. It can also be taken by other people and held in a separate dimension until it is found and returned.

22. Soul Loss

The loss of soul fragments or soul pieces that have left the human body. In tribal cultures soul loss was seen as the main cause of spiritual illness and soul retrieval was usually performed within a few days. In our modern culture we are mostly ignorant of how the soul functions in regards to soul loss and soul retrieval and most people end up living their entire lives with some form of soul loss.

23. Soul Retrieval

A method used to find and locate and return lost or stolen soul fragments.

24. Spirit Entity

A spirit entity is the same thing as ghost, or poltergeist, which is a human soul that did not choose to cross over the the other side and became stuck on earth. 

25. Spirit Guide

A helper or friend on the other side in the spirit realm that may offer guidance or support for your journey on earth. Not all spirit guides are actual spirit guides and may be the voice of some other type of entity (demon, spirit or dark force). 

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