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Spirit Attachment and Demon Possession FAQ

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How People Get Possessed by Spirit Entities and Dark Entities (Demons)

1. How does this method work ?
This method works by using your inner power and higher self through your voice, and by working with the assistance of light beings/angels. This method was actually given to John Livingston through his work with the spirit realm, after many years of doing exorcism "the hard way". This method actually instantaneously forces any attached spirits or demons to leave or release from where they are attached. They have no choice and cannot fight back. This is what makes this method so special is that there is no debate, or discussion, or conversation with any entities. You do not need to "convince" them to go to the light. They have no power or say whatsoever in the removal process and are forced to leave instantly.

2. How long does it take to remove an entity/spirit or dark force being?
It does not or should not take longer then a few minutes at most. Any healer who claims to remove entity attachments and needs hours or days to remove them is not someone who I would call "effective", as they are not using tools which work immediately, and are causing you to wait on them for their so-called methods to work. I have never worked with a healer who told me it would take a few hours or days to remove whatever is attached to me, and if they did I would walk the other way. Understand that not everyone who claims to be a healer or "exorcist" really understands what they are doing or dealing with when it comes to entity possession/attachment.

3. Are some types of entities harder to remove then others?
No. All entities are the same in terms of energy. If you are working with a healer who says you have a "special type" of entity they cannot remove you are working with someone who does not fully understand what they are doing or dealing with. I can remove the most darkest and negative types of beings just as easy as I can remove the most subtle and softest types of beings.

4. How can you remove entities or spirits from people at a distance? How is that possible?
In the world of spirit, distance makes no difference in healing. Since you are working with a dimension which has no physical boundaries, it does not make a difference where you are when you do it. Spirits and demons are not physical beings therefore you do not need to be close to them or in contact with them to remove them. It is like saying how can you call someone who is in Europe, when you are in the USA? It is because the phone has no boundaries and can reach anywhere, just like with spirit removal.

5. Are spirits or demons the cause of all mental illness?
No, not entirely. Spirits and demons can intensify a mental disorder or create it in some people, but there are a large amount of people who have a mental illnesses that are not related to the possession of demons or spirits. This line of work also seems to attract a large amount of these kinds of people. There is a difference between a psychological or emotional problem caused by an entity then a natural psychological problem that cannot be cured by the removal of entities. Now there are a large amount of people who have mental disorders that are the direct cause of an entity within them, but there are also a large amount of people who "believe" they are possessed and that all their problems are the cause of entities, when in reality their problems are caused by their own thinking and psychological health. 

6. Is your audio program all I need to remove the spirits attached to me and my family?
Yes it is, but there is much more involved to removing entities then just getting rid of them. There must be a lesson involved as to why an entity became attached to you or your family. Unless there is some form of understanding or lifestyle change, you or your family members will keep making the same choices that caused an entity to attach. You are really not helping anyone by removing their entities if they do not learn the lesson involved as to why they picked up an entity. It is also not your responsibility or job to play the healer or savior of your family. It fascinates me how many people want to help everyone around themselves, yet they have not even helped themselves. Your purpose on this earth is to heal yourself first, and once you have done that, then maybe you can guide someone else toward help, if they ask you for help. People make their own choices in life and some people do not want help or are not ready to be healed. Trying to fix other people's problems without them asking you for help is not going to help them in the long run because they will keep repeating the same pattern that caused the problems.

7. What is the lesson that I need to learn as to why I picked up an entity?
The lesson is the same for everyone:
You made some choices in your life that opened yourself to these entities. A normal person does not pick up spirits, and demons, and dark ET's. That is proof that you created some openings in your life for them to enter. Those openings were either: drugs, alcohol, fear, or anger, with a combination of some trauma which caused soul loss. The trauma is not something you can control, but even with the trauma, you will not pick up a bunch of demons, and spirits, and dark ET's, that means there was something else you were doing for them to enter.

8. Are psychics capable of removing spirits or demons?
Yes and No. Most psychics are not healers or have any understanding of how entities truly function. A psychic is someone with a "supposed" extrasensory perception, not a healer. Therefore just because a person uses the title of "psychic" and tells you that you have a dark energy or entity within you does not mean they are capable of removing it, nor does it mean they have an understanding of what they are dealing with. I have heard of some stories of certain so-called "psychics" charging upwards of $2000 to remove someone's entities. These are people looking to steal your money and leave you with possibly more problems then before you encountered them. Examine all people carefully claiming to remove entities and do not give anyone your money who you do not trust. Follow your heart and you will be shown what is the right path to take.

9. Can other energy healers such as Reiki healers, or other types of healers remove entities?
No, not entirely. Most healers are not trained in entity removal, or do not have an accurate understanding of entity attachment, or have a twisted perspective of it. Many healers simply do not want to deal or look at the dark aspects of people's problems, and instead want to work around them, or just avoid them entirely. There are a class of modern day healers who fit into the "light level" category, in that they are not at the level of understanding or skill needed to deal with entities. Many healers also believe that to even talk about something such as entity attachment is giving it power or something that only "lower healers" would talk about. The truth is actually entirely opposite. Healers who do not want to look at entity possession truthfully or speak it about are in a class of healers stuck in the "we are beyond that" category, in that they truly believe that only lower healers, stuck in a lower consciousness, would deal with or speak about entity possession, when it is in fact entirely opposite. Only healers who are at the highest skill level and most evolved consciousness deal with entity attachments and speak on the truth of their existence. To play the role of "we are higher then that" does not heal the problem of entity attachment and only empowers it's existence by refusing to deal with it honestly. Talking about entity possession is not creating more fear or causing people to fear them, it is creating awareness and understanding of a spiritual problem that is prominent on our planet. 

10. Isn't doing an exorcism on someone something that requires extensive training by chosen few and numerous precautions considering how dangerous and threatening it can be? I have read/heard experienced "exorcists" and church people say how this is something that should really not be attempted by lay people as the energies can come on you or it can backfire in some way.
No, it is not. These are all fairy tales and "beliefs" taught by various religious followers and leaders who do not truly understand how energy works, and expound these ideas unto others as to keep people ignorant of the truth, and trapped in a fear based mind state. It is only dangerous if you make it dangerous. It is only dangerous if you do things you should not be doing. Anything can be dangerous if you use it in the incorrect way that it was meant to be used.
If you approach this from a fear based level, you will ultimately attract more fear based energy to you in the process. The "energies" as you call them can only attach to you if you are unprotected, weak, or dis-empowered in terms of your own personal power. Fear is what allows an entity to attach, not removing it from another person. As long as you are protected in yourself in terms of "energy" work, such as soul retrieval, no type of entities can jump into you. It is all based on you and how strong your energy and personal power is.

There is also no such thing as "the chosen few", this is another false belief held by religious personnel who have no clue what they are talking about. Anyone on earth can remove entities from themselves and others if they wanted to and chose that for themselves. The universe did not make it so only highly religious people who live in fear based belief systems can remove entities. The universe made it so that every human on earth can protect themselves from an entity.

11. I have heard that demon possession is rare, is that true?
No it is not. Just because someone tells you something does not make it true. The fact remains that demon possession is EXTREMELY common, yet most people (psychics,healers) who purport that it is rare are saying that because they are not seeing them, or are able to see, or scan for them. Understand that many dark entities are able to shield themselves and only healers who understand how to see them can see them. Therefore you will have a plethora of people claiming they are rare or do not exist, but it is because they are not seeing them, or are on a level where they are able to see them. These type of claims are made by people (psychics, healers) who are not fully developed in terms of their spiritual senses, understanding and/or abilities, and because of that they expound their personal beliefs unto others as truth, even though those beliefs may not be accurate. I have even heard of some supposed "high level" healers say that spirits do not exist and there is no such thing as possession. Again, just because someone says something does not make it true.

12. Can a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hare Krishna, Jew, or any other religious type person be spirit or demon possessed?
Yes, all people on earth can become spirit or demon possessed. Your religious affiliation has nothing to do with your energetic boundaries, spiritual protection, or spiritual health. Just because you decide one day to join a particular religion does not give you special powers, or a special permission from the spirit realm. That would be like saying you joined the boys and girls club and you believe you are protected from spirits because of that. Religious people in general have no understanding of how energy works in terms of entity attachments and have nothing to rely on except that of the teachings of their religion.

13. Are spirits or demonic entities "evil" or sent by "Satan"?
Evil is not the correct word to define an entity attachment. Spirits in themselves could not ever really be defined as evil as they are mostly lost and confused souls, except for the ones that choose to work with the dark forces. Demons or any dark entities are not exactly "evil", but instead they are dark. Evil is an opinion of something where as dark is it's actual characteristic. Anything can be called evil, even your television or the foods you eat. Does it make them actually evil? No, that is just an opinion of them. Dark forces and demons are dark, negative, intensely fear based energies, but not evil. They can be called evil, but that is an opinion and not what they are realistically.

Spirits and dark entities are not sent by any being called "Satan". Satan is in fact a Hebrew word meaning "adversary", and back when that word was first devised, the word adversary was meant to describe dark entities or demons. Satan based on my teachings from my spirit guides is not a real being in the real meaning of the word. Instead, Satan is a form of understanding (a belief system) and an image and personality used to personify darkness and evil. Now because it has been taught and believed in for so many years, it is an entity in itself, in psychological terms. If you believe in something so much, and give it so much power, thought, and energy it becomes a real entity in your mind, regardless if that entity actually exists in reality. So Satan is not real, but his image and what he stands for is a real entity in the minds of people who believe in him.

14. Is exorcism or spirit release work safe?
Yes, it is safe, especially if you use it in the correct way. If you decide to use it in an unhealthy way by doing things you should not be doing with it, then it can become unhealthy. Everything in life must be used in a healthy and balanced way. If you take a fork which is supposed to be used for eating with and you stick it in someone's eye, then it becomes dangerous and unsafe. As with anything you do in life, exorcism must be used in the way it was meant to be used. The only times exorcism can become unsafe is when you do things you should not be doing. For instance, it would not be wise to go around removing masses of demons and dark forces from places that have nothing to do with you or your situation. That would be like walking into a gang neighborhood and starting a fight with them for no reason. Now if a gang member was in your house trying to hurt you, that is a different story, but going around trying to play superman by clearing the whole world of dark entities can become unsafe. 

15. Can a person pick up spirits or demons from doing yoga, energy healing, reading certain books or watching certain movies, listening to certain types of music, or being an atheist?
No, absolutely not. These are fanatical beliefs and ideas mostly expressed by religious followers who are completely misguided by their own fear based belief systems and teachings they have been taught. Humans only pick up entities from fear, soul loss/trauma, having sex with people who have entity attachments, and drug and alcohol use, as these things all affect the power and energy of the energy field and are all related to personal power.

16.  How do you detect demons and spirits ?
Using your intuition and extrasensory perceptions. Most people are shut off psychically to energy, so most people cannot physically detect or sense non-physical beings. But most people can detect spirits using a pendulum and learning how to develop their intuition through working with a pendulum. Pendulums are used widely in energy healing and they can if used correctly detect non-physical attachments. 

17. Will I become an "exorcist" or "healer" after I learn how to remove spirits ?
Yes and No. You do not become a healer by taking a class on healing or learning a healing method. A healer is who you are within your soul, and it is connected to your life purpose on earth. Just because you one day decide to learn some form of healing does not make you a healer. Just like in the same way if someone were to teach you how to change the oil in your car, that does not make you a car mechanic. Healing is something that a person does not choose, it chooses them. There are many people who use the title of "healer", but very few people who are healers in the truest sense.

18. Do I have to become an exorcist to learn this work ?
No, you do not. Becoming an exorcist is a life purpose choice, meaning if it is not your life purpose then you are not meant to do this type of work for people. That does not mean you should not know how to protect yourself from unwanted entities. This information is something that all humans should know, just like knowing how to protect yourself physically from people who may try to hurt you. 

19. If I remove the spirits or demons, will they come back ?
No, not if you actually remove them. I have no idea where people come up with the concept that they removed something, and it came back. It never left to begin with if it came back. Maybe it hid for a moment, but it was never removed. Now people can pick up "new" entities, but if you are constantly removing entities from yourself and picking up new ones, then you are doing something to attract those new entities. Bees are not attracted to pollen if there is no pollen around.

20. Where do spirits go after they are removed ?
They go to different places depending on the type of entities they are. Some go to what is called the "light" meaning they are brought back to the other side where they belong. Other darker entities are not allowed to go to the "light" and so they are dealt with in a different way, such as being transformed into a new energy.

21. What happens if I do not get "soul retrieval" work done after the removal of entities ?
You will more then likely pick up new entities. Soul retrieval is an extremely important part of healing, and without it your energy is fragmented and open to new entities coming into you. Soul retrieval in tribal cultures was seen as the most important form of healing in a person's life. 

22. Why do some people say it is hard to remove spirits or demons ?
Because most people who try to get into this type of work have no clue what they are doing. They are then taught to use some type of method that is useless or not advanced enough and then when they fail at their removal attempts, they then go around spreading their false beliefs to other people that it is hard to remove spirits and dark forces. The truth is it is so simple and easy to remove spirits and dark forces that any human on earth can do it. But this is something that requires a personal effort and also a deep belief in the process, and without those things you will not have success with it.

23. Why do some healers or people act like spirits or demons do not exist, or that they are not important, or that they are something you should not focus on?
I have told by my spirit teachers that there are four main reasons why a healer or person will not accept this information or choose to not want to focus on it.  
1. They are not ready for this information. It is something that is beyond their level of consciousness.
2. They are afraid of it or they secretly give it power.  
3. They feel that focusing on dark things gives it power, which is similar to saying that focusing on a cancer or disease gives it power. If someone has a disease, it only makes sense to focus on healing that disease, rather then ignoring it.
4. It reflects a part of their own inner darkness/shadow side that they have not healed or are ready to look at. Because people choose to deny the darkness within themselves, they choose to deny it outside of themselves as well. Part of being a healer is being fully aware of that which is unhealthy or unkind in this universe, and acting like it does not exist, or is important is playing the denial role in life. Going through life with blinders on and playing the denial role is also connected to not being fully honest with yourself.

24. Is it true that there are no longer any entities in this world? A healer told me he/she removed them all?
No it is not true. It is not possible for a human being to remove every entity on this planet as they are here on a contract and have an agreement with creator (source, god, spirit) to operate in our realm. It also has not granted to any human the full authority to remove every entity on a planet as it would defy some basic spiritual laws, such as free will of others and so on. Entities also have contracts with certain people, places, circumstances, agendas, and structures in society. A human cannot interfere with those contracts or remove them because they so choose. I have personally been told by numerous "healers" that they removed all the entities from planet earth and there were no longer any more here. "Healers" like this need to reevaluate where they get their information from, as it is not coming from an accurate reliable source, and possibly from their own ego or other so called "guides", that may be dark forces in disguise. 

25. Why is spirit removal not practiced by psychologists or psychotherapists?
Because psychology/psychotherapy is a very limited field that only deals with the psychological aspects of human nature. Spirit removal is a spiritual and energetic healing form that deals with deeper level root causes of a person's issues. Spirit attachment/possession is also defined by "psychological professionals" as a belief, unscientific, not a valid psychiatric or medical diagnosis, or a religious form of work. The fact remains that if spirit attachment was researched well enough and proven through scientific methods it would shatter the entire psychiatric movement and create immense fear and confusion among the population. The truth is that spirit removal and attachment is something that is not meant to be accepted by the masses, as the masses are not ready for this yet. Also, most psychologists are not at the level of understanding needed to be able to grasp, accept, and/or truly understand spirit and entity attachment. They in themselves have spirit attachments they do not know about. I have personally been contacted by a few professional psychologists that had entity attachments and did not understand or know how to deal with their own problems. 

26. Is Ayahuasca dangerous? Many shamans use it. Is Marijuana dangerous?
Ayahuasca is a psychedelic drug. Because it is a drug that is very powerful, powerful enough to give people hallucinations, it creates extremely big openings in the aura while people are on it. There is this new wave trend that it is the cool new thing to try to "expand your mind" with this substance. What these so-called shamans who take people on these trips to use this powerful drug do not tell people or do not understand in themselves is that any type of drug use creates temporary openings in the aura. The more powerful of the drug or the more of it you take, the bigger the openings are created. While this drug can make you have some spiritual realizations, it is neither the "higher way" to lower yourself to gain some spiritual experience, nor is it the way of people who are truly enlightened. Nobody who is enlightened or who understands the basics of how we as humans work energetically would damage themselves though drug use of any kind. Any spiritual teacher who says it is OK to use a drug is not informed of the severe energetic damage those drugs will cause.

Marijuana is another drug that is not healthy for people to consume. Marijuana was actually genetically altered by the dark forces to make it stronger and cause people to pick up entities easier. If you do not understand how drugs alter your energetic bodies you have no business using them. 

27. If I meditate or think "positive" thoughts, or do yoga or some type of spiritual practice, will that protect me from dark entities?
No it will not.
Meditation, positive thinking, yoga or any kind of spiritual practice will not heal damage and loss of power from your energy field caused by soul loss. Having a full, whole, and strong energy field is what creates protection from dark energy/entities. So no matter how much you meditate you will not restore energy and power that was lost from soul loss. People say things like " just think positive", or "just raise your vibration", when in reality those things are useless if you are dis-empowered on an energy level in regards to personal power and soul loss.

28. How do you know so much about this? What qualifies you as being someone who fully understands these things ?
I know so much about this from spending years of my life day to day removing dark forces and spirits. I have also worked with many healers and teachers who are considered masters or advanced within this field of energy healing. From many years of dealing with entities and working with people I have become trained through experience to know what is true and what is not true. I am not just some guy that one day decided to create a website on demons and spirits, I have invested a large part of my life and time to this work. I am also someone that has been through things most so-called "healers" could never imagine in a million years. I have "earned my stripes" so to speak, and am considered someone "in the know".

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